10 Things a 3 Year Old Jesus May Have Done

10 Things a 3 Year Old Jesus May Have Done


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My son Ethan George turned 3 yesterday. As I watched him laugh and play with some of the new toys he received I couldn’t help but think of Jesus…and what it must have been like for him at 3 yrs. old.

I mean we always see Jesus as a baby, or as a full grown adult (not forgetting  a brief glimpse at 12) but what was it like for Immanuel as a toddler?

How much did Mary and Joseph experience with Jesus in 3 A.D. what Tammy and I experience with Ethan George 2000 years later?

* Did the I AM fall from one of Joseph’s hand made chairs trying to reach for a cookie and bang his head on the floor?

* Did Mary cradle the One who spoke creation into existence in her arms and  soothe his crying with hugs and whispers of “I love you” in his ear?

* Did an exasperated Joseph mutter “not again” as he changed yet another ‘poopy’ diaper of a toilet challenged  Prince of Peace?

* Did his parents bathe Jesus’ chubby cheeks and soft skin with endless kisses…the same soft skin that, when hardened with age, would ultimately ‘be pierced for our transgressions and crushed by our sin’? (Isaiah 53)

* Did Mary & Joseph smile to each other once they got God to sleep at night so they could enjoy a few peaceful moments together?

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* Did the Alpha and Omega eat something that didn’t agree with him?  Something that Mary had to clean after he threw it all up in his bed later?

* Did Jehovah Jireh, The God that Provides, have to be taught to share when on the playground with other children?

* Did the Bright and Morning Star rise a little too early some mornings for his parents liking?

* Did the Lamb of God give Joseph and Mary a hard time about eating his vegetables?

* Did Mary and Joseph’s hearts fill with joy when the One who is Love itself  hugged them back, smiled, and said, “i wuv ooo!”?

What was a 3 year old Jesus like?  I suppose it was a lot like that.

Merry Christmas to all the Beyond the Pale readers.  Here’s to an even better 2014!

Peace and Grace,