Bad Form Rep. Wilson

In 1998 President Bill Clinton, along with Hillary and Chelsea, made a trip to Hong Kong where we were living at the time. The President’s limousine slowly traveled right past Tammy and Gabriel at one point quite near. Chelsea saw Gabriel in Tammy’s arms and motioned to her father to have a look. Bill waved, Chelsea waved and Tammy excitedly waved back.

Now, we’re Republicans who never voted for Bill Clinton and probably given the chance again, still wouldn’t. So why were we so excited…

Because at the end of the day, he’s still the President of the United States!

It’s for that reason I join the rest of the blog-o-sphere in loudly proclaiming the “bad form” of Republican South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson. Wilson delivered a MAJOR faux pax by yelling out “You Lie!” to President Obama during a speech to a joint session of Congress.

The particulars at this point are irrelevant. I don’t care what your position is on the health care debate…I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. There are a number of things one can do that quickly earn my contempt;

and disrespecting the office of the President is high on that list.

Honest disagreement?…fine. Anger at certain policy…it happens? Some political parody on Saturday Night Live?…its part of the American way.

But when the the President of the United States addresses you in a joint session of Congress you have one, and only one, responsibility.

You shut up and listen….

Bad form Rep. Wilson. Very bad form!


  • Yep! and Rush was defending this guy today!

  • Anonymous

    Only a real American would understand the fustration of this man! Yes, he was out of order…fact is the President is a liar. So how long will the American people have to just sit and nod their heads and smile!! Wake up, he is an evil man. He is not an American and does not love this country. He is in the process of destroying it. Someone needs to stand up and say SOMETHING!! He has surrounded himself with communist people and really is going to do what ever HE wants to do!! He really does not care what the American people want! Bad Form Rep. Wilson…..get real President Obama has gone way past BAD FORM!

  • Bob

    It doesn’t matter, Anonymous. If you have been elected as a Congressperson from your district, you should have sense enough to sit there when the president is speaking and keep your mouth shut. It’s just good manners and this guy obviously doesn’t have them.

    Another dark spot on the poor State of South Carolina. I’m sure there have to be some good people there.

  • Adam Benner

    Your right, Anonymous…he is evil and un-American – just like all those other damned Hawaiians! You know what we should talk about? All those illegal Hawaiians taking jobs from hard-working REAL Americans like you and me! Curse you, Hawai’i. Curse your resort island paradise!

  • Anonymous,

    Of course the President is a liar…and so was W. Bush, and Clinton, and H.W. Bush, and Reagan, and Carter. and…well you get the point. I’m not sure he was lying on this point but the President lying is not cause for what he did.
    And how is Obama not an American or love this country?

    As a Republican I can say I didn’t vote for Obama and probably never would but I would never say he was not American or didn’t love this country.

    The sky is not falling…

    Adam…you said it…those dang Hawaiians!!!

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  • Logan

    Anon I think you may want to get your meds checked…

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