Can You Be Gay & Christian?


Same-sex relations and marriage is a divisive topic within the Body of Christ with passions running high on both sides.  At Beyond the Pale I don’t steer clear of questions that are pressing in on the church so I thought I would share a debate, Can you be Gay and Christian?,  that has gone viral in the blog-o-sphere the this week.

The debate pits Matthew Vines, a gay Christian and proponent of same-sex relations being recognised within the church against Dr. Michael Brown, a Christian apologist who takes the position that same-sex relations contradict Biblical teachings.

I’ve listened to the whole debate and it does serve as a good primer into the arguments being used on both sides of the issue, arguments that I feel Christians need to become aware of.

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  • Connie Mudore

    The question reveals a lot about the person(s) asking. Questions always do. Here are some others: Can you be white and male and Christian? Can you be heterosexual and Christian? Can you be rich and Christian? Can you work for a corporation that destroys the planet and be Christian? Can you pay taxes to a militaristic government and be a Christian? And while we’re at it, what evidence exists that Jesus wasn’t gay? He wasn’t married and he hung out with a bunch of guys a lot. Wouldn’t that be something if Jesus himself was in fact gay? Or black? Or both? Maybe the question should be can you not be gay and be a Christian?

    • Steve

      Agreed Andreas, Premier is good. We’ve shown one of those debates in during a Bread & Wine evening last year

  • Sherry

    The host of the program made it difficult to stay with it. She didn’t do a very good job of keeping Mr. Brown from talking over Mr. Vines. She said it would be a respectful discussion, it didn’t really seem that way to me. Thanks for posting it.

  • daryl

    you can be gay and christian….you can be an alcoholic or drug addict and christian…you can be short-tempered and violent and christian…you can be an egomaniac and christian…any sinful practice you can participate in…and still be christian.What you cant be is spiritual.When you live in a constant,habitual state of sin you are a carnal christian,grieving the Holy Spirit.The question should be “can christians practicing homosexual behavior be pleasing their Lord” ? Mr. Brown blew away Mr.Vines in the debate.Only a believer who is carnal themselves and spends little time in study of Gods Word would find Mr. Vines point of view accurate or convincing.

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