Christian Baker Refuses To Bake Cake for Gay Wedding… Really?

Christian Baker Refuses To Bake Cake for Gay Wedding… Really?


The owner of Masterpiece cake shop in Denver Colorado has come under fire and faces possible jail time for failure to bake a cake…

…for a gay wedding.

Yes, Jack Philips, owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop could possibly face up to 12 months in jail for violating Colorado’s code prohibiting business’ for discriminating based on sexual orientation.

Philips says providing a cake for the wedding of David Mullins and Charlie Craig “went against his Christian beliefs about marriage.”  Mullins and Craig have subsequently sued Philips through the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

First, let me speak to Jack Philips.

Mr. Philips, you haven’t been asked to attend or officiate a gay wedding…you’ve been hired as a business to provide a service you advertise for; the baking of cakes.

So please bake a cake..

I would like to suggest it is highly likely you have, in the past, provided cakes for weddings that have also gone against your Christian beliefs.  Weddings where

* the couple “lived together” before marriage

* the couple engaged in sexual relations before marriage

* the couple divorced at some point subsequently

* the wife was pregnant at the time of the wedding

* the wedding reception had “less than Christian” activities going on

It’s interesting to note that in John 2:1-11 Jesus himself happened to be at a wedding where there had been so much drinking going on they ran out of wine.  I don’t have to tell you the things that go on when people have drank so much alcohol at a wedding that there is none left.  Jesus though doesn’t judge the situation, but in response to his mother’s request not only provides more wine…but a better wine than the wedding guests had already been drinking.

So Mr. Philips, I would suggest that for the very reason that you find the wedding of David Mullins and Charlie Craig goes against your Christian beliefs is the very reason why you should go the extra mile, demonstrate Christ’s unconditional love, and bless them with the best cake your hands can create.


To David Mullins and Charlie Craig I say, guys, if Masterpiece Cake Shop doesn’t want to make you a cake, I understand your frustration.  But for the good of everyone involved, including the taxpayers of the good State of Colorado, go across the street to the cake shop that will provide a cake (there are many) and celebrate your happiness by not suing anyone.

Then let us all eat cake…  (I was just looking for an excuse to use that line)


  • Matthew

    With the stress that encompasses a wedding, creating a legal issue would be the last on my list. As stated, there are plenty of companies that will be more then happy to honor their request for a wedding cake. Maybe even by a Christian who knows the true meaning of Christ love.

  • Janet

    One thing that has always offended me are those cry babies who invoke Christ’s name to justify whatever prejudice they have, but cry foul when ever they have to face any consequences of their actions. Please don’t wear Christ’s name if you are not willing to follow His example.

  • George Dougherty

    On the flip side, like disabled people roaming around looking for things non-ADA compliant to nitpick and sue about, this smacks of a couple that went looking for a fight.

    Otherwise, agreed that the Christian thing would be to act in love and the good business thing is to do what the customer asks within reason.

  • Chuck

    I used to be like this Guy selling Cakes and not doing certain things for people because I thought was immoral. But coming to the Grace message and seeing exactly what I was made of, I was just like the church I was attending. Being in Grace message now for over 6 years I believe in the power of Grace. Grace teaches you how to love. Knowing there is more power in Grace than in Sin. The more we show the world Grace the more Jesus shows up. This is how we show the World that Jesus overcame Sin and that we are no longer under it. Praise to God for his Amazing GRACE!

  • Love this. I just had a dream about Christian’s rejecting gay people last night — at least that was part of it. It’s on my blog. I absolutely agree with your take on this, although I’m also dismayed at the legal consequences. If we make being a hypocritical jerk illegal, we’ll ALL be in jail.

  • Christopher

    Well put!

  • Connie Mudore

    Are we sure this guy is really a baker? ‘Cuz he certainly doesn’t sound like he’s really a Christian.
    Suggest people stop second guessing the gay couple. Sure, they can and will get a baker who will bake them a cake. But if they want to confront and object to illegal discrimination in the market place, it’s their time, energy, and money. I wish them a happy wedding with a delicious cake baked with love, a wonderful marriage, and success in whatever legal course of action they decide to take with the “Christian” baker.

  • Deb M

    Thank you for your well written article and I appreciate the intelligent but more importantly the true Christ-like comments of your group.
    Just a small bit of background on your story..
    It was my son and his fiancee that you have written about, and I was with them last July when this happened. As a mother, I cannot tell you how hurtful the bakers actions were, and to have him hide behind his “Christian beliefs” was even more insulting.
    My son and his now husband are simply standing up for their rights, they are not seeking any monetary compensation. Word got out through a post my son-in-law made on Facebook and friends and family were outraged at the treatment they received that day.
    They were sought out by the media and eventually approached by the ACLU which investigated the incident. We found out during the first few months that they were not the first couple to be turned away based on sexual orientation at this shop. If the baker is fined, it is because he broke the law, and he refused any mediation to resolve the issue.They simply want him to change his ways and offer the same services to all his customers, and not discriminate. I have challenged the baker to hang a sign outside his business announcing that his Christian beliefs will not allow him make wedding /reception cakes for same sex couples. Why doesn’t he do that? I think because he knows that customers would be offended and he knows it is against the law. The case will be heard this fall in the courts and if he is found to have broken the law, then he will have to pay his fines.
    It was never about the cake, the bakery was simply recommended by their event planner and we were there for a discussion on designs and sampling of cake flavors. They were married in Provincetown, MA and a month later had a beautiful reception attended by family and friends and we all ate cake. 🙂

    • Steve

      Deb, thank you for taking the time to comment and fill in more details of the story. Sometimes I blog and try to be gracious knowing I don’t know all the story. Happy yo hear in the end all went well for your son. God Bless

  • Bob

    The guy who bakes the cakes should be able to turn away business, if that is what he wants to do, based on his conscience.

    Here’s the thing. I believe in civil rights for all people. I accept the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the recent case that overturned part of DOMA. I know gay people and I treat them respectfully and yes, with Christian love.

    But I also believe marriage is between one man and one woman (which, incidentally, is also what Barack Obama professed to believe when he spoke at the Saddleback Forum with John McCain in 2008), I don’t try to push this belief on people or demand that they agree with me but certain parts of my behavior and actions will be affected by that belief. While I have not been invited to a wedding of a same-sex couple, I would have to search my soul and prayerfully consider whether I would attend and participate since I do not agree with the concept of a same-sex couple being married. I am not going to try to keep them from getting married, but I am not certain I could, in good conscience, participate in the ceremony. I know this guy, as you said, was not invited to participate in the wedding as such, only provide a service for which he would be paid, but he obviously felt strongly enough about it to take this position.

    I don’t hate anybody and I am not going to go off half-cocked screaming in the streets that the world is ending because of gay marriage. But neither am I going to apologize for my convictions and, if faced with the same situation as the the baker of cakes in Colorado, I can’t say I would not have acted similarly.

    Perhaps, in our determination not to judge, we should include those who act on their consciences and don’t cave in to political correctness.

  • Remade

    What would Jesus say:

    ‘I’m not baking a cake for those people!’
    ‘Where did we put the best currants?’

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