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Crazies on the Left

Crazies on the Left

I never liked Keith Olbermann! The MSNBC talk show host who camps out on the political Left irritates me more than the norm because he comes across with his deep voice and gravitas as someone who could be respected as a newsman on the level of a Tom Brokaw or Walter Cronkite. Instead, he uses his incredible talent to deliver unbalanced tirades about every burr that happens to be under his saddle that day. What a waste!

Now, a couple posts ago I took aim at the right wing pundits who I believe embarrass the Republican Party. I do this as a Republican because, well, someone in the party needs to do it. But sometimes, it just feels good when you’re watching the Daily Show, and you see a person on the Left who screws up SO bad, even Jon Stewart can’t help but make fun of it. Enjoy! (Sorry the clip’s tag was broken so I had to get this edition from You Tube. I apologize for the title, but the clip is good)


  • Logan

    LOL Well done on Jon Stewart’s part!

  • Bob

    Hilarious. Jon Stewart, as base as he may be at times, cracks me up.

    As to Olberman, at least NBC demoted him and quit trying to pretend he was anything other than Limbaugh-ish entertainment (if you want to call it that).

  • Paul

    Jon Stewart rocks.

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  • That’s about as contrite at Olbermann gets, I think!

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