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Daniel Amos KickStarter Campaign

Daniel Amos KickStarter Campaign

daniel amosIf you haven’t heard of the band Daniel Amos, you’re probably not alone.  One of the pioneers of the Christian music scene for nearly forty years they are now virtually ignored by today’s mainstream Christian music industry.  Through the years though they have maintained a following of fans whose loyalty would be akin to that seen by fans of Phish or Grateful Dead.

Founded in 1974 by frontman Terry Scott Taylor, Daniel Amos (the name being a composite of two Old Testament prophets) morphed through different musical styles as the decades passed; country, punk, pop, New Wave, and rock.  In the 1980’s when Christianity and the church was being enthralled with money and “personalities” Daniel Amos was taking shots at consumerism, greed, and shallow Christianity.  Like the prophets whose names they adopted, they were singing themes on God’s heart long before it was cool to do so.

With songs like:

* Mall All Over The World (Consumerism)

* Walls of Doubt

* I Didn’t Build It For Me (Greed)

* Hide the Beer The Pastors Here

You can see why they sometimes occupied the fringes of the Christian music industry.

That’s why I wanted to do this post.  Daniel Amos has announced they are heading into the studio to produce their first album in 12 years.  Because they don’t have a big company behind them anymore they have financed the whole project through a Kickstarter online campaign.

daniel amos2

According the bands Facebook page they are in Nashville now rehearsing and preparing to head into the studio with the album’s working title being Dig Here, Said the Angel.

I just went to the Kickstarter page here and made my pledge and pre-order of the album.  There is a cool feeling you are helping in a small way of getting the music made.

My first Daniel Amos concert was when I was about 15 years old…I’m 46 now.  They’ve been plowing the fields for a long time and are worth supporting and even more important… enjoying!

Check out their Facebook page here and their webpage here




  • Bob

    Thanks Steve. If I knew where they were rehearsing I would go visit!

  • Steve

    Yeah Bob, and I would like to join you 🙂

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