Episode 006: Life, Faith, (and Scotch) With Brendan Gill

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Show Notes

Roundtable with Brendan & Kit

Roundtable with Brendan & Kit

Today Tammy and I are going to be taking you out to a few different places on the pilgrim trail. First, Let me start by saying I don’t really do New Year’s Resoultions but last year I told myself I was going to be a little more intentional in a particular area of my life. I was going to try to spend more time with people that make me smile. And I’m not just talking about putting a smile on my face…although that helps. I’m talking about hanging out more with people that seem to make my spirit smile. People whose intereaction in my life just seems to bring more joy My friend, and today’s guest Brendan Gill is one such guy.

He’s a teacher, muscisian, adventurer, and that’s what he does when he’s not volunteering his time helping the homeless and others in his community. Tammy and I were delighted to sit down with him for an hour and I know you are going to enjoy sitting in on the conversation. We literally run the table on topics discussing his Catholic faith politics, why corrupt banking and corporat institutions are best explained by actress Margot Robbey, Scottish Independence, our motivations for doing good and finally why Brendan loves jumping out of airplanes.

Oh, and with Brendan hailing from Scotland I made sure we had a bottle of decent Scotch on hand just to help keep us pilgrims on the trail…so to speak.

BTW, I cut Tammy off right near the beginning of the conversation and she stewed on that for 5 minutes before she lets loose on me. See other podcasts might edit that stuff out in post…but not us. At Beyond the Pale you will get the real Steve & Tammy…promise!

Hey, one other thing. This episode is 006, which means we have reached 7 episodes. Aparently 90% of podcasts never get past episode 7…so ..well, that’s a hurdle we’ve now cleared.



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BTW, the intro music you hear that’s taking the place of our usual music is the band Brendan is in and we’ll put the You Tube link in the show notes at the website

And so, enough intro, lets get to episode 006 as we hit the trail, and go beyond the Pale with Brendan Gill





Brendan’s Music Video

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    Brenni is as good as they get! Nice job guys!

    • Steve

      Thanks Jeff!

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