Episode 013: My “Gay Christian” Friend with Nic J (Pt2)


Hi Friend, welcome back to Beyond the Pale.   The podcast where my wife Tammy and I explore God, faith, and life by asking some questions and questioning some answers.  Today’s show is going tonic J be the second half of our talk with our “gay Christian” friend Nic J.

Nic and I had a bit of fun with that title because in fact he is not my “gay Christian” friend…he’s just my friend.  But let’s be honest, we needed a title with a little click bait.  

Some of you may be in the LGBT community, saw the title,  and downloaded he episode because you are  have been looking or some encouragement for your faith.  To you I say welcome, to Beyond the Pale

Others may have seen the title and were curious to know more about a topic that the church and society is wrestling with right now…to you I say welcome

And hey some of you may have seen the title, saw it as nothing short of heretical and are listening just to see how far Steve & Tammy seem to have backslidden.  To you I also say welcome

Nic J has a wonderful story full of real honesty and I know his journey will be a blessing to yours.

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And with that out of the way it’s time to hit the trail and go beyond the pale with Nic j and pt 2 of My “gay Christian” friend.