Episode 017: Worship Leader 2.0 with Tom Read (Pt. 2)

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Hi all,

Our discussion with Tom Read continues.  In Pt. 2 Tom shares about his desire to creates spaces whereTomreadpt2a more diverse expressions of faith can be encouraged as well as anecdotes from his recent tour with social justice advocate Shane Claiborne.

I really resonated with this whole interview.  Both Tom and I from our different platforms are attempting to maintain a foothold in our church tradition while also trying to explore “Beyond the Pale” 🙂 .  I’ll speak for myself and can say from my experience these have not always been easy waters to navigate.  I have often been misunderstood at best and ostracized at worst.  But Tom is doing it…and doing it well!

Tammy and I know you will be as encouraged listening to this interview as we were!



P.S. You can find out more about Tom at his website here

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