Episode 019: Taking Back My Health With Elisa Haggarty





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Elisa Haggarty

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On this week’s episode: Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert Elisa Haggarty shares with Steve & Tammy her journey and how she overcame emotional & physical depression to take back her health. As founder of Culinary Farmacy Elisa now helps others regain a life worth living.

Show intro: Hey friends, I hope you had a good week, I’m Tammy Hackman host of Beyond the Pale.  The podcast where jump the fence of patrolled areas of Christianity and take you on a journey into a better faith and better life.  A place where we ask a lot of questions…and question a lot of answers.

On todays episode Steve & I talk with Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert Elisa Haggerty.  Elisa’s story is beautiful and we’re sure you will be inspired as she shares how she overcame emotional, physical, and spiritual depression to take charge of her health and her life.  She now runs Culinary Farmacy where she helps others to develop the tools needed to take back their own health and live the lives they were meant to.

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I first met Elisa a few years back when she became Steve’s personal coach for a 3 month program

Steve & I love highlighting stories of people who are on a pilgrimage in life; who dare to jump the political, religious, and cultural fences society tends to put up in our way.  We know you will be inspired by the fences Elisa jumped to take back her own health and well being and hope you’ll want to do the same.

If you are, check out more on Elisa at culinaryfarmacy.com  In fact as an incentive to start taking control of your health an well being Elisa is offering $25 dollars off two of her most popular programs.  Sign up for either the 22 day Sugar Cleanse or the Brain Fog solution and put in the promo code “beyondthepale” and you’ll enjoy that 25 dollar discount.

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Now its time to hit the trail, and go beyond the pale, with Episode 019 Taking back my health with Elisa Haggerty



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