Episode 034: Camino Tales with Brian & Peri Zahnd






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Hi all,

Steve and I got to sit down with Brian & Peri Zahnd shortly after they completed their 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.  And I think for Steve it was a particular privilege being able to talk pilgrimage with Brian & Peri  as there is probably no one who has been a bigger influence on his faith journey in the last few years than Brian Zahnd.

Brian & Peri

As you know Tam and as I share in our first podcast – about five years ago I had reached a place where I still loved God but was looking around at the faith I was part of thinking, “Is this all there is?” Being societies moral policemen and defenders of the faith while attending a never ending plethora of meetings that just seemed to get more monotonous and disconnected from humanity with each passing year.  Then I read Brian’s Beauty will Save the World, had a paradigm shift in the understanding of my faith and that’s when it seemed my pilgrimage really began.

Talking with Brian & Peri about their Camino was a lot of fun. They had such sweet spirits I felt myself drawn to them as they shared. They had the same “joy” Steve gets whenever he talks about his Camino.  And thats what makes me think I have to get out there and experience this all for myself

At one point Brian comments that a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t think about his time there in Spain and I know exactly what he means.  I’m almost two years out from my trip and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t reflect on my camino.  But I think that’s why we all enjoyed the time sharing.  As the Psalms say, “Blessed is he who has his heart set on pilgrimage”  Brian & Peri, as well as Tammy and I have realigned our faith as a pilgrimage…and well,  that is a faith that is fun to talk about.


Steve & Tammy

iTunes Description: Brian Zahnd, pastor, theologian, and acclaimed author of books that include “Beauty Will Save The World” and “Farewell To Mars”, joins his wife, Peri, to talk with Steve & Tammy about their recent pilgrimage on Spain’s Camino de Santiago. What follows are laughs, delightful stories and insights that will encourage and inspire you on your own faith journey.


7:20 – Brian shares why he and Peri walked the Camino

10:52 – The “Vibe” of the Camino

Brian plays a little guitar on the camino!

13:16 – “A 500 mile walk to church”

25:19 – Brian & Peri deal with conflict on the Camino

28:22 – La Sagrada Familia: Architecture as worship

32:08 – 3 realities of the Camino

35:35 – The kindness of people on pilgrimage

38:48 – The challenge of helping Christians see their faith as pilgrimage
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