Episode 035: Confessions of a Former Evangelical Missionary with Adam Benner






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Adam Benner’s Blog

Beyond the Pale response to Tim Keller’s N.Y. Times article

Hi Pilgrim,

This week’s episode is with Adam Benner who shares about his transition from a right wing evangelical to a more Christlike faith.  Adam is a former missionary to China who is now a blogger / teacher /  and fellow pilgrim on a journey.  He’s pretty cool for a number of reasons not the least of whichhe’s a white guy that speaks pretty fluent Chinese.

Adam & Renee

Funny thing is I met Adam about 15 years ago at his wedding…and then never saw him again.  He had married a friend and fellow missionary named Renee that Tammy and I had worked with back in the 90’s.  Probably would have lost touch except for the wonder of social media.  Tam and I reconnected with Renee on Facebook and then Adam.  I started to see some of Adams spiritual thoughts and comments.

He was good…

He was very good…

I saw a kindred spirit on pilgrimage and knew I needed to talk with him on Beyond the Pale.  In this first part Adam shares about his journey from a fundamentalist faith to a more Christ like expression and some of the challenges faced by people in ministry when their beliefs shift but are still financially dependant on your old structure.

It’s an episode I know you will enjoy.



iTunes description: Adam Benner shares his journey from right wing evangelical missionary to a more Christlike faith.  Along the way he discusses politics, American patriotism, and the challenge of a changing faith when your financial livelihood depends on the evangelical structure.

Show Notes:

4:22- Are Christ’s teachings of secondary importance?

12:00- An evangelical childhood

28:48- Evangelical response to Adam’s change of belief

29:21 When your income is dependant on your belief system

37:00- Old school evangelicals vs. a new generation
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