Episode 038: The Church Is Changing (but Where Is It Heading?) with Dave Griffiths





Show Notes

Intro music- Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured music- Wonderwall Oasis

Dave Griffiths music- Here & Now

Hi Pilgrim

British Singer / songwriter Dave Griffiths was visiting Tammy and I here in Hong Kong  and so of course we couldn’t resist sitting down with him for a podcast discussion which ended up being on where is the church heading.

Dave Griffiths

The topic kind of sprung from a question asked by someone to Dave at the Bread & Wine get together I run here once a month…or so here in Hong Kong.  Dave was facilitating the evening’s discussion when someone asked something like, “So what’s next for the church…where is it heading?

And we were off to the races…

Increasingly people who grew up in evangelical and charismatic type churches are questioning the priorities and focus they were taught especially when they seem at odds with what Christ seemed to focus and put his priorities on.

And even beyond the evangelical circles and just looking at the general structure of church across the spectrum have we just recreated an Old Testament sacrificial system?  Have we put modern sounding names to ancient temple practices?  Has the Levitical priesthood simply become the pastorate with senior pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors , and associate pastors?  Has the temple tax become the tithe and offering, has the sacrifice of animals simply been replaced with a sacrifice of praise, all so that when we leave the church / temple every week we get a feeling of being closer to God and cleansed.

Essentially have we spent 2000 years rebuilding what Jesus knocked down?

Dave Griffiths has some unique insights into these questions and no matter where you stand on this issue, you’re going to feel stretched.

Get ready to journey beyond the Pale!



iTunes description- U.K. singer / songwriter Dave Griffiths sits down with Steve & Tammy on his recent visit to Hong Kong to chat about where the church is heading in these changing times.  Can the New Testament church begin to shake off it’s dependency on Old Testament structures?

Show Index:

5:10- Liberal, Emergent, or Progressive church?

7:30- Shaking off the Old Testament structures

14:25- Tammy’s thoughts

17:08- Can church manipulation ever be good?

19:30- Wonderwall…as worship?

24:45- Next steps for the church?
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