Episode 039: The Church Is Changing (But Where Is It Heading) with Dave Griffiths Part 2





Show Notes

Intro Music- Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music- Wild Like Children Dave Griffiths

British singer / songwriter Dave Griffiths returns for part 2 of our discussion on where the church is heading.  You know just yesterday I was at an workshop for people in education.   For new listeners who don’t know I’m a Secondary teacher at an International school here in Hong Kong.

Anyhow while I’m at this workshop I’m sitting around a large table with like 20 really smart folk, some of them teachers, some entrepreneurs trying to create alternative education opportunities and platforms.  As I sat their listening  I realized that the discussion that is happening in education is nearly the EXACT same discussion that is happening in the church.

  • Everyone thinks the present system worked in the past but increasingly deficient in the 21st century
  • The current system works for some but is actually a stumbling block to a majority of students reaching their full potential
  • Most educators realise the system needs a vast reworking but the ability to do that is hampered by long time invested interests in the present system. As the famous quote says, “It’s hard to get a man to change his mind on an issue when his paycheck requires him not to change his mind.”

If you are in church circles these discussions are all to familiar.  Today Tammy and I will pick up where we left off in our talk with Dave…in fact I might include the last minute or two from last week as Dave was really highlighting a great point about what God really sees as “his glory” and are we getting that right

It’s an exciting time to be alive and be part of these discussions whether in education or the church.  both are meant to equip people on their life’s pilgrimage and that’s why we’re here at Beyond the Pale.  Remember, you ain’t alone



iTunes synopsis: Part 2 of our conversation with Dave Griffiths has Steve & Tammy discussing what Christians are actually basing their faith on and what effect that has on the church today.  We also examine the challenges and risks faced by those pioneer ministers who are wanting to step out and be part of this new frontier of church in the 21st Century however “Being the Change” sometimes comes with a price.

Show Notes

6:30- What are Christians basing their faith on?

12:40- Is there a generational change happening?

18:00- The risks of ministers wanting to be part of the change

22:30- The church is going to need leaders with day jobs
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