Episode 040: Oscar Predictions 2017 with James Marsh





Show Notes

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured music: Another Day of Sun La La Land Sountrack

Hi pilgrim,

That right the 89th Academy Awards is just around the corner so today I’m joined by James Marsh, film

James Marsh

critic of Screen International as well for RTHK Radio 3 here in Hong Kong.  James gives us the run down on all nine of the Best Picture nominations as well as which one he thinks should be taking home the gold statues on Feb 26.

In the past I’ve always blogged about the Oscars, gave my two cents and wrote who should win and who would win.  Sitting around with James for 2 hours, drinking a couple beers, and talking movies was a heck of alot more fun…I’m sure you’ll agree.



iTunes description: RTHK Radio 3 film critic James Marsh sits down with Steve to discuss this year’s Oscar race, review the Best Picture nominees, and give his predictions of what films will be taking home the gold at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

Show Index

8:06- Arrival

18:14- Fences

21:16 Hacksaw Ridge

25:37- Hell or High Water

30:50- Hidden Figures

36:11- La La Land

42:56- Lion

50:45- Manchester by the Sea

1:03:41- Moonlight

1:11:05- Best Actor

1:12:45- Best Actress

1:16:51- Best Supporting Actor

1:18:35- Best Supporting Actress

1:21:25- Best Director
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