Episode 042: Rethinking Church Pt 2 with Steve Barker

Show Notes

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured music: Eagles Fly Sammy Hagar

Steve also mentions being influenced by South African pastor Bertie Brits and you can find more about him here

Steve Barker

Hi Pilgrim,

On today’s episode Steve Barker tells us how theology and even “loving God” can become exhausting and what we can do about it.  Along the way Steve suggests I view Matthew 5 “the old American way” and we close the show by discussing The Shack.



Show Index

9:15- Matthew 5 “the old American way”

13:05- Theology that is exhausting

25:35- “Loving Jesus” can be exhausting as well

29:40- Fear as a tool for control

33:44- How shame keeps us in line

36:24- Discussing The Shack
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