Episode 046: Confessions of a Former Grace Preacher



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Featured Music: Free Fallin Tom Petty

And yes, you can still get Cornel’s book on Grace here


Hi Pilgrim,

What do you do if you have a successful ministry, you have a growing audience, more and more invitations to speak, your book on the grace of God is selling well…and then you begin to doubt.  You start questioning the church, God, and everything you invested your heart into.

Cornel & Rensia Marais

Many Christian ministers in similar situations just keep their mouths shut and keep churning out the stuff people are wanting to hear because, well, their reputations and lets be even more honest, their financial livelihood depends on it

But not Cornel Marais…he shut down his blog, closed his ministry, and tossed out his books to start life anew.  Today we have Cornel and his wife Rensia in house with us to share a bit about their journey as they look at life and God through a new lens that they are still in the process of figuring out.


Steve & Tammy

iTunes synopsis: Former “grace preacher” Cornel Marais along with his wife Rensia share with Steve & Tammy their journey into Christian ministry…and back out again.  With both honesty and humour Cornel & Rensia share their ups and downs as they attempt to figure out God, church, and life…

Show Index

9:40- Church 3 times a week???

14:06- Faith Healing Days

26:34- In the Grace Camp

31:04- “Entering the Rabbit Hole”

37:15- Pagan Christianity?

40:47- Closing the ministry
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