Episode 047: Confessions of a Former Grace Preacher with Cornel & Rensia Marais (Pt 2)



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Hi Pilgrim,

Tammy and I continue our chat with Cornel & Rensia Marais and the journey they are on from Christian ministers focusing on grace and healing to taking a step back to reexamine and question their faith.  It got me thinking about how weird people get sometimes when someone says they are questioning their faith and beliefs.

Should’t we be questioning them all the time??

Jonathan Martin had a good post on twitter this week I had to retweet:

“I’ve stopped worrying about people who walk away from faith.  The faith you can walk away from is often a faith you should walk away from.

Cornel & Rensia

These days I worry more for people who don’t question their beliefs…not with the intention of discarding them but to test them…to put them through a refiners fire to see what comes out the other side.  Pilgrimage, and the internal reflection it brings, is a natural tool for examining our faith, beliefs, motivations, and goals.

Tammy and I are hoping Beyond the Pale will become a place of pilgrimage for you.  An oasis to share stories, resources, and refill those water bottles before you head out onto the trail into another week of life.

Anyhow, we hope Cornel and Rensia’s journey encourages you on your own life pilgrimage



iTunes description: Part 2 of our conversation with Cornel and Rensia Marais.  Hear them share what it is like to test their belief system and question the very premises they had arranged their lives around.

Show Index

12:35- Experiencing rejection when you question

20:51- Taking a “break” from God

29:25- A faith healer questions faith healing

43:36- Renisa shares her journey into doubt and discovery
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