Episode 049: Gay & Christian with C. Allen Ries (Pt.1)





Show Notes:

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music: Thank U Alanis Morissette

C. Allen Ries

Hi Pilgrim,

There is a saying that the most segregated part of the week in America is 11:00 AM Sunday morning. White and Black churches may agree on Jesus…they just tend to talk about him in separate compartments.

Not so with our guest today Allan Ries.   Allan is a church worship leader who has done things a little

differently; he’s a white guy who has mostly worked and ministered in black churches.  Allan shares a bit about how being hired as a young man to lead worship in a black church has led to years of ministry in the African American community.

Along the way he found  himself wrestling with his sexual orientation which was seemingly at odds with the Christianity of his youth.  Allan shares how the acceptance he felt from God helped him to see he could be both Gay & Christian   It’s a story  of difficulty, challenges and ultimately  victory that is sure to be an encouragement on your own life journey.


Steve & Tammy

iTunes description- C. Allen Ries is a Christian music minister who shares his story coming to terms with a sexual orientation at odds with the faith he grew up with.  Allen’s initial struggles as well as the peace he ultimately finds is sure to be an inspiration for you on your journey.  Along the way Allen also shares how as a “white guy” he found himself working primarily in African – American churches.

Show Index

9:58- Allen & Steve share their shared church history

13:03- “White guy” in a “Black church”

23:12- First cracks in the “belief” wall emerge

28:26- A painful divorce leads to more questions

31:30- “wrestling” with sexual orientation

36:04- Allen finds peace with God and himself
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