Episode 053: Confessions of a Christian Youth Minister with Rich Kifer Pt 1




Show Notes

Intro Music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music: Closer to Home Grand Funk Railroad

Rich Kifer today

Hi Pilgrim,

Rich Kifer has had a long journey both as a Christian youth and music minister.  Along the way he has made a habit of pushing against some of the man made boundaries in Christianity we like to take on a bit here at Beyond the Pale.  Difference is , Rich has been doing it since the ‘70s and ‘80’s…long before it was kinda cool to do so.  Whether it was taking youth groups to Christian rock festivals or organising the

biggest and best Halloween haunted house in Metro Detroit for Youth for Christ, Rich has been earning the chagrin of church establishment types for a LONG time…

…which is of course why I wanted him on the show.

Get ready to go beyond the Pale with Rich Kifer.


Steve & Tammy

Itunes synopsis: Long time youth pastor Rich Kifer has seen a lot of changes in Christianity during his years of ministry.  In today’s episode Rich shares with Steve his journey which has caused him to reevaluate some aspects of his belief that has ultimately led to a better life and a better faith  Journey with us Beyond the Pale with Rich Kifer

Show Index

1:45- Steve & Tammy discuss Robe Bell’s new book “What is the Bible”?

12:40- Rich shares how “not” knowing is ok

22:14- Rock and Roll ain’t Christian

31:19- Why the next generation is apathetic to faith

43:39- Running a Christian Halloween “Haunted House”

52:28- Anger at what the church is doing to the next generation
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