Episode 056: Faith & Science with Nury Vittachi



Show Notes

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured music: If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Sting

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Hi Pilgrim,

Part two of our talk with journalist and science writer Nury Vittachi continues to explore the tension between faith and science. Along the way Nury shares about the power of forgiveness as well as

Recording with Nury Vittachi

some of the positive attributes faith in general, and Christianity specifically, bring to the world around us.

Buen Camino!

Steve & Tammy
Show Notes:

1:33 (Intro) Steve and Tammy discuss cynicism towards Christianity and their own struggles at times with it

10:39 Nury shares how his interest in science first began

13:00 Creating a space beyond “Atheist vs. Theist”

27:58 Why young people are leaving church

35:39 Christianity and why its what’s on the inside that counts
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