Episode 062: Saving the Earth with Tre Cates (Pt 2)



Me with Tre, his wife Jen, and his son Preston

Hi Pilgrim,

In Part 2 of our discussion Tre Cates shares how he initially became involved with, and then went on to be the Chief Operations Officer for, the Savory Institute; a group that is literally saving the planet! Tre then explains how the holistic management and regenerative practices he has seen implemented through the Savory Institute has helped him understand how those same practices could be applied in business and work environments around the globe.  Believe me when I say listening to Tre’s journey will inspire yours.

Get ready to go Beyond the Pale with Tre Cates!

Show Index:

2:10 (into) Tammy talks about a new love of philosophy and asking questions

12:50- How Tre got involved with the Savory Institute and and what they do there

30:36- How a system seeking short term benefits have brought long term consequences

39:22- How a “regenerative” system needs to replace an “industrial” system

51:19- Unleashing the full potential of people

Show Notes:

The TED Talk by Allan Savory mentioned in the podcast can be found here

Find out more about the incredible work being done at the Savory Institute here

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music: No Such Thing John Mayer

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