Episode 065: Living in “The Now” with Steve & Tammy

Hi Pilgrim,

Steve & Tammy podcast from Hoi An Vietnam on where their faith journey has gone recently and how they are increasingly looking to living in “the now.” When we spend our energy looking to the horizon we can

Merry Christmas from Vietnam

overlook they people, needs, and even opportunities that are right in front of us.
Get ready to go Beyond the Pale with Steve & Tammy in Vietnam!

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Show Notes:

Intro Music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music: Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Russ Taff

Show Notes:

4:46- Greetings from Vietnam

9:18- How our journey has changed and “living in the now”

14:55- Tammy shares on learning to judge others (and herself) less

24:20- Being freed from appeasing the “monster” God
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