Episode 067: Deconstructing & Reconstructing Faith with Rich Kifer





Hi Pilgrim,

Youth Pastor Rich Kifer, a previous guest on Beyond the Pale, asked if he could chat with me by phone to discuss some questions as he deconstructs, and attempts to reconstruct, his faith. He kindly allowed me to record our conversation as I suggested it might help others who are also processing their faith. Along the way Rich and I discuss hell, suffering, Biblical violence, and some bad church experiences. I even share about the time the church board shut down my high school dance. Yes, Footloose is not just a movie for me.
Get ready to go Beyond the Pale with Rich Kifer

Show Notes

Intro music: Ventura Tyler Bates

Featured Music: Defying Gravity Soundtrack from the musical “Wicked”

Watch Peter Rollins explaining “Atheism for Lent” here

Show Index:
0:53 (Intro) Steve in London England

9:30- Why I can’t be an atheist

13:05- Bible Literalism?

24:45- Deconstructing Hell & Salvation

35:30 – Changing “how” we believe rather than “what” we believe

47:09 On Suffering

1:09:28- Reconstruction

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