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Immigration & the Nazis

Immigration & the Nazis

Where would be without the Nazis? I mean every national dialogue in America these days seems to draw comparisons to Hitler’s Germany? Whether its healthcare, militia groups, or reality TV shows, the comment always seems to go, “You know, this is how it was in Germany in 1938.” Now, this morning I read that Arizona’s new immigration law harkens back to “Nazi Germany”. And why? Because it requires a person to produce identification when asked to by police when “reasonable suspicion ” occurs.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but instead of comparing such a “radical” approach to Hitler’s Germany, couldn’t we honestly compare it to any other nation on Earth today. I mean, I live in Hong Kong and I have a Hong Kong Identity card in my wallet which I have to produce at various times to show that I am a resident of the city and have the right to certain services. No one likens the procedure to Hitler’s Germany despite the fact that Hong Kong has a similar illegal immigration problem as thousands of mainland Chinese and other Southeast Asians attempt to enter the territory.

All ready though the “sky is falling” crowd has began their insane knee jerk reactions. The city of San Francisco has “banned” business travel of their state employees to Arizona. (Are you kidding me?) Of course, if San Francisco is against it, its a pretty good indication that something is right with the bill. The US Attorney has vowed to overturn it…this despite the view from most legal experts that the bill is based on sound and reasonable law.

Personally, I love immigration…legally. The irony in all of this is that over time, if this bill is as effective as I think it could be, then it will be a very positive thing for the hispanic community that is here legally. For too long a cloud of suspicion has hung over them as they have often been grouped into “illegal” status in people’s minds. Immigration (a positive thing) has been confused with illegal immigration (a negative thing). The line is so blurred that if you say you are against illegal immigration, you get lumped in as against immigration entirely. Its like saying if you against highway speeding, you must also be against driving.

If we can get immigration under control in this country, it will be a forward step in the integration of all Americans regardless of their ethnicity.


  • I agree 100%. I love your comparison between immigration and driving.

    Now can I look forward to a post taking those on the right to task for comparing Obama and health reform to Hitler? 🙂

  • Logan & Kelly,

    Thanks for the comments especially since I wrote that blog at the breakfast buffet at my hotel in Turkey while teachers and students kept demanding my attention 🙂

    I ended fast as you can tell without a lot of elaboration

  • Logan & Kelly,

    Thanks for the comments especially since I wrote that blog at the breakfast buffet at my hotel in Turkey while teachers and students kept demanding my attention 🙂

    I ended fast as you can tell without a lot of elaboration

  • Upon reflection…I think the Nazi comparisons are stemming from the perception (I say perception because I haven’t read the bill so I don’t know if this is true – so I only have what the media is telling us to go on) that the only people who will be asked to prove they are either citizens or people here legally are people of race or color other than white/caucasian and specifically people who “might” be here from Mexico.

    To me, having a national ID system makes a lot of sense, and is nothing new in most countries around the world. As I see it, the problem is (especially in a country as ethnically diverse as the US) when you assume that someone who looks a certain way is here illegally. If we are going to have laws like this, then everyone needs to be prepared to show ID that proves they are a US citizen no matter their race, color, etc.

  • Paul

    How’s Turkey?

  • Bob

    BRAVO Steve! I have read about this issue and opinions from both sides but you finally articulated common sense. Thank you.

    Logan, you’re right. The tea partiers — who, in concept, have some valid points — need to stop the Nazi comparisons as well. It’s not making them look any smarter.

  • One thing I forgot to say earlier-while I have found that many of those who advocate for illegal immigrants are motivated by compassion (which is good) I find it disturbing that the same advocates seem to be unable to acknowledge-on any level-that said illegal immigrants, you know, broke the law. Overlooking that (i.e. by providing amnesty without any repercussions or acknowledgment of violating the law) would only encourage more of the same behavior in the future.

    Be compassionate, but be compassionate with respect to the law.

  • Kelly,

    I think you are right about the desire not to seem to be racial profiling but that goes back to my point that when illegal immigration is curbed (if it ever can be) it will be a bonus for non-caucasians because that cloud of suspician is lifted.

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