My Greek Adventure Pt. 2

Well, I seem to have fried my netbook powercord.  Returning to my hotel room in the village of Delphi (of the Oracle fame) I found the battery buzzing a death nell and the powercord lifeless.  I have subsequently now been utilizing hotel computers and internet cafes to keep in touch with the outside world. 

Mmmm, words can’t describe how cool this trip has been.  Once we moved out of Athens we have been on the move travelling around the country and staying every night in a hotel.  You quickly realize that by living out of a suitcase its best not to unpack to much.  I’m usually up at 6:00 AM and am in the hotel restauraunt by 7:00 AM to make sure the kids are arriving and that there are no issues.  We check out by 8:00 AM and are on the road by 8:15. 

One of the problems with many sites of Classical Greece is that years coupled by the country’s disposition for earthquakes means you are often shown a pile of rocks and told “This where the Temple of (insert Zeus, Apollo, Athena) once stood.”  Then you go into a museum where a model or painting shows you what it must have looked like in all its glory.  As one collegue whispered in my ear, “We have to use our imagination alot here.”