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Our Coast To Coast: An Ordinary Father and Son’s Extraordinary Walk Across England – out today!

Our Coast To Coast: An Ordinary Father and Son’s Extraordinary Walk Across England – out today!

HACKNABFAD,(2)I’m happy to tell you that my first book,  Our Coast to Coast Adventure: An Ordinary Father and Son’s Extraordinary Walk Across England is available now at Amazon for Kindle here.

For Beyond the Pale readers who didn’t know, in 2012 my son Gabriel and I completed the Wainwright Coast to Coast hike in North England.  The journey began by dipping our toe in the Irish Sea at the village of St. Bees and ended two weeks, and 200 miles, later in Robin Hood’s Bay when we baptized our boots in the icy North Sea.  In between lay the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the North Yorkshire Moors; some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring regions within Great Britain.

I first read about the Coast to Coast in a travel article back in 1996.  We had no children at the time but said to my wife Tammy that one day we’d have a son and when we did, I would take him on this hike when he was old enough.

She was understandably skeptical… at the time 🙂

What followed was 16 years of keeping the father – son Coast to Coast dream alive through physical, spiritual, financial, and health related challenges.

When Gabriel and I finally completed the Coast to Coast in 2012 I received a number of comments and e-mails about how my “coming of age” bonding adventure had inspired and planted the idea for a number of parents who thought they might attempt something similar with their own children.

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So whether you are a parent looking for a little inspiration, a hiker who may enjoy the challenge of the Coast to Coast themselves one day, or a travel writing aficionado who wants to enjoy a trip across England through our eyes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Our Coast to Coast Adventure

Sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, I think you’ll find it a heart warming chronicle of a father’s love for his son and the bonding adventure they shared together.

Again the book is available at Amazon here.  Currently it is only available for Kindle but trust it will be available in paperback in about 8 weeks.

And if you read it, please consider writing a review at the Amazon site.

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  • Connie Mudore

    Congratulations! You are a terrific writer and I can’t wait to read it.

  • Really enjoyed reading your book. Looking forward to the next “walk” and subsequent “book”.

  • Bob

    Can’t wait to get a copy when the paperback comes out. Please let us know when that happens.

  • Sherry

    This is so great, I am going to order the kindle version now.
    Blessings to you and your family.

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