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“Piglets For Progress”: Bringing A Little Heaven To Earth

“Piglets For Progress”: Bringing A Little Heaven To Earth

pigletsConnie Mudore is a good friend of mine who I worked with here in Hong Kong before she left for Chiang Mai, Thailand a couple years ago.  Since arriving in Thailand she has become involved with a wonderful project she has shared with me called Piglets for Progress”


Piglets for Progress

At first I thought, “Huh?  Piglets?”  The very name of the project got me curious.  That thought, coupled with knowing the compassion Connie has for people had me wanting to know more about what Piglets for Progress could be?

Essentially a community of people live in a village near a large garbage dump close to the Thailand – Burma border.  There they eek out an existence by  scavenging for material that can be sold to a local recycling center.  The amount they make doesn’t even feed their children so the group that Connie has become part of is helping the villagers attain a more sustainable income…

Raising pigs.

This is an idea that is birthed from the villagers themselves and so a Start Something Good campaign  has been started to raise, hopefully, two pigs for every family.

Check out this short video which explains everything way better than I do 🙂

Again, you can find out more information and make a donation here

A lot of little donations can be a huge help in transforming the lives of a destitute village.  I talk a lot about the Kingdom of God here at Beyond the Pale and how we need to bring Heaven to Earth. Here is an opportunity to bring just a little more Heaven.

I’ve made my financial contribution…

…I hope you will too!  Thanks


  • Thanks for sharing this Steve! Enjoy reading your blog, you look at things differently and it’s contagious. We need different. We need to see God and Jesus and the world differently 🙂

    • Steve

      Thanks Michael. Glad you enjoyed the blog!

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