Take a “Journey” this Lent Season!


What special activity are you doing for Lent this year?  As someone whose Christian faith was shaped by the early Jesus Movement of the 1970s, and later by independent Charismatic church life, the ritual of Lent did not figure much into my Christian upbringing.

I see that now as being very unfortunate and am increasingly incorporating the Lenten season into my Christian walk

This year I am following along with other Hong Kong Christians  in a Lenten journal full of daily devotions written by the pastors of various churches in the city.  The devotional is called Journey and is available at many churches in Hong Kong or as an App for Apple or Android that can be downloaded here

The journal itself is birthed out of the International Pastors Meeting which is a monthly meeting of church leaders in Hong Kong.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing a number of these pastors (some for many years) and can say they have a passionate heart for Hong Kong and for the Body of Christ.  This year’s Lenten devotional is a product of that love.

One of the motivations for Tammy and I to go through the devotional is in doing so we are linking arms with thousands of other Christians and various churches within Hong Kong.  It is an act of unity with the Body of Christ that resonates in our hearts.

So if you are a Hong Konger, or even if you are not, pick up the free download at http://www.journeyluke.com/ and journey with us together towards Easter and the celebration of our Risen King!