The Gift Of The Magi


Over the last month or so my blog postings here have been a little sporadic…and my first book about my hike across England which has been edited and ready to publish on Amazon lays in wait.

But there is a very good reason for it though…

…I was making a movie.

During the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to write and direct movies for the high school that I work for.  As my friends and I have gotten better and more experienced I find there are two things I really enjoy:

* telling a story that impacts people in a way that causes them to reflect on God and his love

* working with really fun and creative people

For the last two months I got to do this once again culminating with an all night marathon at my office as four of us worked to finish the movie before premiering it to 900 staff and students for our term end Christmas assembly this morning.

I won’t lie when I say it feels really good to see people laugh and cry to the story you helped create.  🙂

So here is our movie The Gift of the Magi.  It’s the tale of a young expat couple  in Hong Kong whose world falls apart on a single day… and how an encounter with some old friends of the Christ child remind them what is really important in life.

Merry Christmas!

YCIS – Gift of The Magi from CMED on Vimeo.



  • Chuck

    Steve, Didn’t the 3 kings show up after Jesus was born, he was around 2 years old . They weren’t there when he was born. enjoyed the film.

    • Steve

      Yes, we took a liberty 🙂

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