Top 5 Posts of 2014


Well another year of blogging is winding down and I can hardly believe I’ve managed to keep Beyond the Pale going for more than six years now.

Over 525 posts!

People often say to me “Where do you find the time to blog?” (Answer: 4:00 AM)

Anyhow here are the Top 5 Beyond the Pale posts for 2014.  (Just click on the link to read the posts in their entirety.)


1) 9 Warning Signs Your Pastor May Be Building His Own Kingdom

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By far the most popular post here at Beyond the Pale in 2014 by a long shot it seemed to resonate with a lot of readers.  There are apparently still far to many of the church eager to build another person’s kingdom.  For every abusive church leader there still seems to be a flock willing to be abused.


2) Mark Driscoll’s House of Cards and How My Atheist Brother Was Right All Along


I was a supporter of Mark Driscoll six years ago while my brother saw the Mars Hill pastor as a bully who had a “fall” coming.  Guess which one of us was right?




3) 3 Things To Consider Before Inviting Your Friend To See Left Behind

Since writing this post the new Left Behind film starring Nicholas Cage currently LeftBehind_poster_webhas a 2% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Now there are 4 things to consider before inviting your friend to see Left Behind.   It’s a lousy movie!


4) 3 Reasons Why Jesus Is NOT My “Personal Lord & Savior”

Another popular post in 2014.  And despite the controversial title, I still love Jesus! 🙂


5) Hype-Grace?: A Response to Michael Brown

Surprisingly I had a post written in 2013 that was still in the Top 5 for 2014. BrownChalk it up to the very vocal feud between Dr. Michael Brown and the preachers of “Hyper-Grace”.  For the record, I side with Grace. 🙂

Well, those were the five most read posts here at Beyond the Pale in 2014.

Bring on 2015!



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