Weekend Distractions: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

jimmy-fallon-the-tonight-show-promo-watch-nowThought I would change the name of my weekend post from “Update” to “Distractions”.  When I re-tooled Beyond the Pale from “multi-topics” to “all faith all the time” just over a year ago I wanted an occasional outlet for going rogue.  I think “distractions” describes my off topic musings better.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Who doesn’t like Jimmy Fallon?  Pretty much everybody so NBC tapped him to assume the coveted role hosting the Tonight Show.  He follows a long line of famous hosts including Steve Allen and, of course, Johnny Carson.

We in the Hackman household love Jimmy.  Whether in the baseball movie Fever Pitch or his previous stint on Late Night, he is rightly described as one of the nicest guys in show business.

He just makes us laugh!  (And we love to laugh)

I thought I would include his opening monologue from his first show this week hosting The Tonight Show.  He just seems like an ordinary guy who got to live the dream…and he has.