Weekend Update Nov 25, 2012

Film making in Hong Kong

I love movies so much it was only a matter of time before I started making them myself…and Hong Kong is a great city to shoot in!  It’s a Christmas movie done with the department I work in at school and involves the collaboration of students and teachers.  This week we filmed on a hilltop overlooking the city, a  downtown Hong Kong alley, as well as a beautiful Island beach.  We’re telling the story of the birth of Jesus from a Hong Kong perspective, but since students are involved it will be involving a fireball or two 🙂



James Bond: Skyfall

Saw the new James Bond movie Skyfall and coincidentally, it hit Hong Kong theaters a week before the U.S. which was a pleasant change.  After the abysmal last film Quantum of Solace (which I actually fell asleep during) I wasn’t holding out for a great movie this time.  But when I saw Sam Mendes was directing I realized it was going to be a different “Bond” film.


Mendes pretty much re-booted the “re-boot” of Bond done in the first Daniel Craig rendition “Casino Royale” We got all the 1960’s “Bond” motifs including the “Goldfinger” Aston Martin, Moneypenny, and a “Q” who provided only the most retro of spy devices.  Throw in Ralph Fiennes as the new “M” and Javiar Bardem as the the creepiest villain in a long while and you have a Bond film that rises above most of the others.

Thanksgiving Store Openings

I find it sad that more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving to get the jump on Black Friday shopping.  Since the late 1980s store hours got earlier and earlier until they started opening up late on Thanksgiving Day itself.  Many stores now tout that they DON’T open on Thanksgiving but open up promptly at midnight.  Like that is supposed to be a favor.  Just what I am sure some guy or girl making $8 an hour wants to do; after spending a day celebrating with family to head over to the store at midnight so some couch potato can save $75 on a 42″ flat screen TV.

Come on America… REFUSE to go shopping until AT LEAST 6:00 AM on Friday morning. Help us rise above the stereotype that we have become nothing more than the United Consumers of America.

Make a holiday a holiday!!

Just some thoughts…