Weekend Update: Oscar Special 2013

Oscar Statuettes

It’s Oscar Sunday again and as a movie aficionado I can’t help but weigh in (as I do every year) on my Oscar predictions.

Best Picture:  Argo – It’s going to be a toss-up between Lincoln and Argo.  I think Academy voters are going to react to Ben Afflecks’ snub for a Best Director nod so look for Argo to pull past the Daniel Day Lewis extravaganza in the final round.

Best Director: Steven Spielberg  Tough competition across the board but look to Spielberg to bring home another statue for Lincoln

Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis- The Academy will give our greatest living actor the award for becoming Lincoln himself.

Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva-  This will be a tough category that could go a couple different ways. However,  Riva will turn 86 on Oscar night and her tragic performance as a dying wife will earn her a birthday Oscar and the oldest winner to date.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hatheway- This is a shoe in.  Her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream in Les Miserables was tragically haunting and will cause the voters to forget that there is anyone else nominated in the category!

Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro  Conventional wisdom says it will be Tommy Lee Jones but I think Academy voters will want to reward Silver Linings Playbook which is well loved by many members this year.  De Niro will be the opportunity to do so.

Well, its about 12 hours until Oscar…  See you on the Red Carpet!

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  • Bob

    Well you did pretty well. You nailed best picture, actor and actress. I saw Argo and Lincoln and loved both but think Lincoln was the better of the two. But your theory about why Argo got the nod is probably right. Other than his singing, which was great, I thought the host was lame and hope that was a one-time gig for him.

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