Weekend Update: Star Trek, Jeffrey Archer, NPR

Haven’t done a Weekend Update in a while.  Weekend Update is my excuse to go off topic and write on things that are completely unrelated to the normal themes covered at Beyond the Pale.  This Update I thought I might share some guilty pleasures I have enjoyed recently.

Three things that have just plain made me happy!

Jeffrey Archer:Only Time Will Tell

Nearly 30 years ago a girl I was dating gave me Jeffrey Archer’s novel The Prodigal Daughter as a birthday giftI was confused as I thought it was some sort of romance novel…I was wrong.  It was, in fact, a page turning political story that sucked me right in.  Although the relationship with the girl ultimately didn’t last…the literary relationship with all things Archer did.

Jefferyarcher 1

A couple weeks ago I decided to take a short break from all the “faith based” books I have been cranking out lately and curl up with the first book of Archer’s new “Clifton Chronicles”  series Only Time Will Tell. As usual Archer’s tale of the trials and tribulations of Harry Clifton was full of page turning twists and turns.  After a short break I’m certain I’ll be jumping head first into Book 2 Sins of the Father.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Yes, I am a fan of all things Star Trek.  Since Star Trek premiered in September 1966 and I premiered in September 1966, I felt we had a lot in common.  Although the Star Trek vineyard got a little stale in latter years, the 2009 re-boot movie by J.J. Abrams had everyone back on board and at warp speed.

Star Trek darkness

Now the second J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie “Into Darkness” takes the the crew of the Enterprise and forces them head to head with the “re-boot” of an iconic villain.  I won’t say who but I will say he is played beautifully by Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

If there is a criticism it would be that the Spock character and Cumberbatch’s villain are so well acted, they often seem to leave the central Captain Kirk character in their dust attempting to catch up.

Anyhow, I’m just happy that my 15 year old son Gabriel, who now likes to go see these movies with his friends, agreed to see it with Tammy and I “as a family”.

So sweet!

The Pop Culture Happy Hour

I like to listen to podcasts on my 50 minute commute to work every morning.  Usually they are Christian based teachings but sometimes I enjoy something like National Public Radio’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. 


What could be better than listening to 4 or 5 really witty and insightful people sitting around a table and discussing movies, television, and pop culture.  Somebody tell me where I can sign up for this job!!  My ipad automatically downloads the weekly podcast from iTunes but you can check the Happy Hour out on the web here!

And now for a special bonus of something that makes me happy!

Astronaut Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

Commander Chris Hadfield did a cover version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity and the video went viral on YouTube.  Most people suggest it is the coolest thing they’ve seen in a while.  I pretty much agree!

Have a great weekend everyone!