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Weekend Update: Star Wars, Hong Hong, and a Rude Pastor

Weekend Update: Star Wars, Hong Hong, and a Rude Pastor


Its the (Superbowl) weekend…which means its time to check out some other interesting things in the news.

Geek Update

Star Wars VII to be directed by JJ Abrams

The last 3 Star Wars movies were so bad I have almost forgot what a big fan of the series I used to be.  When the first Star Wars movie came out in the summer of 1977 I conned, conjoled, and pleaded with my parents and friends to see it again …and again.  In fact I saw it 10 times that summer.

With the franchise in need of A LOT of help, a “face saving” George Lucas sold his ownership to Disney for more than 4 billion dollars.  I have been saying for years about Lucas what I said for years back in the 1990s about Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.  Let’s applaud him…give him accolades…acknowledge the debt we all owe for giving us such beloved characters…but DON’T let him anywhere near having directing, casting, or creative control.  Expertise best left to the professionals.


And in this case, ironically, that professional comes in the same person who single handedly rescued the Star Trek franchise from it’s creative purgatory; J.J. Abrams.  Abrams is set to reboot the series with the first movie scheduled for a 2015 release.

I haven’t been this excited about Star Wars since…oh…1983!

Life in Hong Kong update

This Is Great Britain campaign nixed in Hong Kong

A promotional campaign by the British Council for a global education exhibition was viewed to be too sensitive to be used in Hong Kong. With the use of former British colonial flags at protest demonstrations against the government, posters declaring “This is Great Britain” which were displayed at downtown MTR stations were deemed to be “open to misinterpretation”.  The British Council decided it would be appropriate to remove the advertisements.


Sitting around with a few friends here in Hong Kong we universally were of the opinion that the British Council knew it would cause a bit of a stir but thought they’d run it for a few days to get some controversial press coverage.  Or as one friend said, “Someone in the Council was bored and was just having some fun.”

Christian “Culture” Update:

Pastor Who Left Rude “10 % receipt” Apologizes

Alois Bell, a pastor in St. Louis, caused a storm when a receipt she left at a local Applebees questioned the automatic 18 % gratuity by saying she only had to give God 10%.   The waitress, Chelsea Welch, was subsequently fired by the restaurant chain when she admitted to posting the receipt, which went viral online.  She stated she did it just because she thought others would find it entertaining…which it was!


Bell has apologized noting she had left $6 in cash as a tip and that the comment was a momentary lapse in judgement.   We ALL make really stupid decisions from time to time.  Thankfully most remain confined to a small audience.  Our digital society however makes some of those stupid mistakes very public…very fast!

Well, that’s the weekend.  And now Monday morning is upon me!