When Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate Creationism both Science and Christianity Lose

When Ken Ham and Bill Nye Debate Creationism both Science and Christianity Lose

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Ah, the “creation vs. evolution” debate.

Young Earth vs. Old

Adam and Eve vs. Captain Caveman

Now please know there is a very good reason why I avoid posting and commenting on this subject here at Beyond the Pale, and I’m going to tell you what that reason is.

I find it very boring. 

Really, I just do.

But when I saw that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” had agreed to a debate with Chief Defender of the “Creationist” faith Ken Ham I had to climb out of my self imposed silence on the subject.

Apparently the February 4th event, which sold out immediately, will take place at Hamm’s home turf of the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Understand though that this debate has less to do about Christianity and science and has everything to do about marketing.

For Bill Nye, this is about increasing  name recognition. Many of “the Science Guy’s” supporters have questioned why Nye would even agree to the debate in the first place feeling it gives legitimacy to a belief they hold to be illegitimate.

But understand Nye has made a living not from only being an educator but as an entertainer, and the Feb. 4th debate is all about entertainment! 


This is all about entertainment

As a Christian though I find Ham’s involvement and promotion of the event much more problematic.  Through the years Ken Ham’s ministry Answers in Genesis has been less about sharing the Good News that Jesus offers a new life to ourselves and the Earth and more about defending America from the Atheists, Humanists, and Evolutionists in a mud slinging, yet highly profitable, “Culture War”.

A recent Facebook message Ham shared on Facebook makes it clear that this debate is nothing more than “Red Meat” for his followers who see him as their “defender” against the Philistines at America’s gates:

Atheists are going ballistic over the news that Bill Nye will be debating me on February 4th. Many of them are calling on Bill Nye to cancel. These atheists are so insecure in their beliefs. Not only that, but atheists have managed in many ways to censor information concerning creation from the public–they basically have been involved in getting legislation to protect the teaching of evolution in public schools and stop students even hearing about creation. These secularists do not want people hearing about the evidence that confirms the creation account in the Bible. Now that a well respected personality like Bill Nye will be debating me on the origins topic, many of these atheists are worried–they just do not want people to hear such a debate! Why would they be worried if it is so obvious that evolution is true?

Ken Ham- Facebook

Do you see the language used?  Those guys (atheists, secularists) are afraid of us guys (Defenders of Christianity) because we have the Truth.  They are insecure in their beliefs so they try to censor us.  They are worried and scared because one of their own has agreed to step into the ring with me.

It has all the drama of World Wrestling Federation grudge match!

And its the same old strategy employed by snake oil salesmen for centuries; sow fear into the crowd and then offer them a solution to that fear which they just happen to be able to provide.

One only has to contrast Ken Ham’s language with that of Jesus to see the absurdity.  Jesus never talked about defending his community from the encroaching idolatry and contamination of Roman culture.  He didn’t steep his teachings in “us vs. them” language.  And he certainly never stirred up his followers against anyone.

Instead Jesus put all of humanity in the same boat and told them how much God loved them.  He told them about a Kingdom, a new way of ordering society, and invited them to be citizens of that new life!

There is a fine line between “Kingdom” and “Cause”!  Its a real shame when high profile Christians cross it!


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  • Great article. You know I could have easily fallen for that kind of debate. Up until very recently where this truth imposed Itself on my still quite agressive mindsets, of us against them: “If your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light”. Kingdom reality is not “the knowledge of good and evil” and the constant battle between the two.Single eyed only walk in Light and Life, the God-life, resurrection life.

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