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I suppose everyone has a “bucket list”.  You know, that list of wonderful things to see and do before you die.

Well, in summer 2012 I scratched a big entry off that list and moved it into the “done” category when I walked across the whole of England with my teenage son Gabriel on the Wainwright Coast to Coast walk.

Starting in the village of St. Bees on the Irish Sea we traveled 200 miles through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and across the North Yorkshire Moors until we reached the North Sea at Robin Hood’s Bay.

It was a father-son experience of a lifetime that any parent could appreciate

If you are a mom or dad looking for a little inspiration on bonding with your teenager, or are just interested in a travel memoir full of challenging experiences and colorful people, I invite you to journey with Gabriel and I on our grand adventure.


What people are saying about Our Coast to Coast

  • You will fall in love with Steve, Gabriel and all of the interesting people they meet on this adventure.

    Carin Sands

  • If you’re an ordinary dad looking to do something extraordinary with your teenaged child… this is the book for you!

    Paul Ellis

  • …a wonderful adventure…

    Glenda Perks

  • …brought a lump to my throat…

    C. Cooke

  • … in my conservatory, reading your book. Wishing I was in the Lake District.

    Sandy Lauf

  • As the reader journeys along, one can not help but be inspired.
    Thank you Steve; one day my children will be thanking you too

    Matt Tamms



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  • Iain & Kay Aitken


    Hi Steve.
    Iain Aitken here currently living out a dream to live in the southern area of France. (Will be for 3 months)
    Time to relax and found myself in your blog reliving the 2012 Wainwrights C2C Walk through your short video.
    All the best to the four of you.

    Iain ( and Kay)

    • Steve


      Hi Iain, So wonderful to hear from you. I was recently mentioning you and Kay as another walker from our C2C trip in 2012 passed through Hong Kong last month. Do you remember Andreas the German man who was walking with his grown son? I believe we all stayed at the Lion’s Inn together. We took him to the same place we took you overlooking the harbor. South of France sounds wonderful!! Don’t stop living the dream…or walking 🙂
      Keep in touch…

  • Brandon Chan


    Hi Uncle Steve,

    I feel I would like to share with you the responsibility of a Christian’s vote. Here is a video that quite matched my idea: . I pray God blesses you through it!

    All the best. (I won’t be the older brother in the parable you shared today. 😉

    Brandon Chan

    • Steve


      Thanks for sharing that Brandon! And I know you won’t be the “older brother” 🙂